Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute

Bob Dylan's birthday is May 24, and the old so-and-so turns 69 this year. To honor the occasion, curator of Savannah's Psychotronic Film Society, uber-collector, and rock geek par excellence Jim Reed will be hosting a Bob Dylan marathon at Indigo Arts (703 D Louisville Rd. - a block west of MLK and Liberty).
Jim will screen 6 hours worth of rare and unreleased footage of Dylan - interviews, concerts, etc - from 5-11pm on May 23. Folks can come and go as they please, and he will have schedules available so you can plan on when to leave for dinner and a smoke break without missing what you want to see. This will be something special.
Jim's been compiling rare video for the better part of 28 years, so whatever he decides to show is going to be good, and you won't see it anywhere else. He broke out a super rare James Brown concert from Paris in '71 for last year's Urban Arts Festival.
Here's a link to the Facebook event with more info.
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