Easy Girl

The homies at Shoeboxx are finding crazy off-the-radar talent right now. This tune from Easy Girl is a monster. Those Phil Collins fills. 

Bunch of 45s, Volume 2

I've been working on digitizing my 45 collection, and it's been a wonderful opportunity for spontaneous curation. Here's a few gems from the last batch of recordings. 
Donnie Elbert - I Got to Get Myself Together
Ray Charles & His Band - Green Backs
Carter Bros. - Booze in a Bottle
Tony Clarke - Woman, Love a Man
Arthur Alexander - Black Knight
Hot Sauce - I'll Kill a Brick (About a Man)
Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can 
Funkadelic - Biological Speculation
Okieextremist Moondog - Reefer Blues
The Temptations - Cloud Nine
Paul Humphries & His Cool Chemists - Detroit
Aretha Franklin - Rocksteady
James Brown - I Got Ants in My Pants
Kool & The Gang - Funky Stuff
Brick - Push Push
Tony Camillo's Bazooka - Dynomite
Rick James - Hollywood
Lonnie Liston Smith - Space Lady
Windy City - Spank
Man Parrish - Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)


Inanimate Pulse

TAR Records is putting out some gems. Check the mad jungle stylings of Norfik on "Chongo." Mayhem.

Mile High Life Mix

Just finished this cross-genre survey of Denver's underground beat scene. Lots more heads missing from here, too. It's a fruitful time for electronic music in the mile high city. 

Human Agency - Pressure Vessel
Late Night Radio - Can't Deny It
Whalehawk - Sonata de Camera (RUFF 1.0)
Cymbalik x Thought - Young Enough
Breakmaster Cylinder - The Metal Funk Pop Fuckin Ass Fuckin Monkey Shit Jazz Punk Polka
Riley Boone - The Inevitable, ft. Captain kOSMO
Rumtum - World Vibz
Gunkst x Dailon - yerbalremedy
Real Cosby - Heav'n
Muta - true touch
Man Mantis - Tracing Paper, ft. Nocando & Decomposure
Snubluck - phantom
Plastician - The Music (Kendo x Gunkst Remix)
Tommy Brown - Intro Music
Dr. Derg - slabface
Uncon Sci - Desh (Pluto Dash Remix)
IllSe7en - New Jack City (prod. Mikey Fresh)
Uncon Sci - Freaky Flow

"Fuck Google"

Sole's newest collaboration with DJ Pain1 keeps it so real that if you don't end up depressed or angry after listening to the whole record, then you need to slow down on the prescription pills.

Howlin' Wolf

Love this poster and psychedelic hand-drawn fonts. 

Behind Bars Volume One

Dope Sandwich crew drops a new mixtape (more of a free album really) that is chock full of real hip hop sh*t. Sharp lyrics. Listen to Knife's update on Ten Rap Commandments. Raw gold.


CHAP drops a three-track gem on the TAR label. Chopped, stuttering footwork magic. I love the jungle break drops in the middle of the title track. 


Hadn't heard of Oren L. until pretty recently when he popped up on a bill for a Red Bull Selects night curated by DJ Low Key and headlined by Exile. This new video of his is pretty dope. S/O to HHRC.


Always game for some dark, disjointed industrial-hop beats. More talent coming out of Denver. 

Breakmaster Cylinder

S/O to Babyshoe for putting me onto BMC. This guy has been consistently winning the Stones Throw forum beat battles and hails from Denver. Chops like these it's no wonder how he's a crowd favorite. But it's crazy how deep the city is getting with producers. Every time I think I've found everybody, someone new pops up.