Sweater Beats Remix

The up-and-comer puts a massive beat behind Flume & Chet Faker's "Drop the Game." Rough side of the smoothness. 


Some tasty experimental house from deep in the Denver underground. Mt. Roue is kind of blowing my mind right now. 

Crystal Ghost

His new tune, which will be released on a new EP via Stereocure immanently, is a gem. He fuses African funk with New Wave, Pop and vintage Electronic sounds like it's nothing. The result is warm, disembodied retro chillwave disco. I wish I had this while the weather was still warm. 

Magpie Music Mix

Hat tip to Evster for putting me onto this gem of a mix by DJ Food. Lots of drum-heavy psychedelic beat rock.  If you've ever enjoyed a Gaslamp Killer album, you'll probably be down with this. 

Mr. Oizo

The first taste of his new record is a gem of dark-tech-acid-house mayhem. Album drops 11/18.

Promise Remixes Pt. 1

Spazzkid is getting some well deserved shine after a stint opening for Daedelus. His new EP consists of some talented friends remixing tunes from his album that dropped over the summer. Some eclectic,  futuristic sounds. 

There's a Surprise in Every Box

A taste of the Buffalo, NY producer's forthcoming album. Groove Cereal has got those stone cold soul flips. [Update] Surprise in Every Box is out now (Pay What You Want).

Some new Diamond District

Been waiting years for this follow up. Different style, same vibe.