Summer Mixes

A few weeks ago, I put out a call on Facebook for friends to send me summer mixes. The basic premise: A compilation of music that feels like summer. Whatever that means. The results are starting to pour in... They are as diverse and wonderful as I expected/hoped. Big thanks to everyone who took part. Enjoy. 
  • Paul (aka Real Cosby): Opening with the sweet soul sounds of Darondo, then wandering through hard chilling hip hop, beats and spacey jams. Includes: Madlib, Action Bronson, Blu, Sundrenched, etc. Download "Where did all the cookouts go?
  • Ray B: Vinyl appreciator, psych-funk aficionado, Graveface employee... This mix goes from dusty rarities like Stark Reality and LA Carnival to classics like Digable Planets and Beastie Boys to old favs like The Ramones and Fugazi. Download "Ray's Summer Mix
  • John Wenzel: The Denver Post A&E writer and man-about-town delivers a stellar mix of indie/alt-rock stretching from Mark Mulcahy and Matt Pond PA to Of Montreal and Tortoise. Download "John's Summer Mix"
  • Johanna (aka Jones): All the way from Berlin comes this bittersweet mix of mostly European gems. An eclectic blend of laidback sounds, includes: Jun Miyake, Die Fantastischen Vier, Feist, Von Konrad and more. Download "Gold of Summer in the Air"
  • Mr. Al Pete: One of Jacksonville's preeminent gentlemen of hip hop laces up a 45-minute mix of smooth jams for grown folks. Some real BBQ gems. Download "Summer Splash Mixx"
  • Mark Sanders: Writer/skull collector... this one goes from AC/DC and Fleetwood Mac to Father John Misty and Neon Indian. Download "Mark's Summer Mix"
  • Ashley Rogers: Any mix that opens with a Shuggie Otis song is serious about everything that matters about summer. Includes: The Beach Boys, Neko Case, Cults, Spoon, etc. Download "Summertimes
  • My own contribution to this project starts with an invocation from Lee Dorsey and then follows up with some Jimi Hendrix, Raphael Saadiq, Roman GianArthur, Deeee-Lite and more. Download "Patrick's Summer Mix
  • Jacob Cottingham: Among our nation's most rock n' roll legislative staffers shows up fashionably late with this short-but-sweet selection of new and old, from Billy Joel to Doug Tuttle (Mmoss). Download "Quick Summer Hits 2014"
Bonus material:

"After the Dance"

Tittsworth, Q-Tip, Theophilus London and Alison Carney combine their forces for an eminently danceable summer jam. 

"Young Enough"

Cymbalik & Thought dropped this jewel on Damn Son!, which is kinda crazy since most of what I associate them with is ambient footwork, future beats and dubstep. But this here is low-key, dusty real shit that evokes a Wu Tang associate project circa '96-7. 

Prozack Morris

The new album from future music connoisseurs Pragmatic Theory is an epic suite of tunes by producer Prozack Morris. This gem starts slow and gritty and then turns into something that could make vital internal organs implode. The beauty of this project is that the whole project flows from one track to the next perfectly (check out this tune and subsequent "Jamming The Dematerialization Sequencer" for a quick taste). 

Computer J. Fox

This album from Big J Beats is super fresh. Last year he was doing tons of crate shit, including some stellar beats for Turner Jackson. But the nu-nu is all handmade. Ripe on the vine post-Dilla vibes all day. 

"How to Be a Non-Conformist"

From a book written in 1968 by Elissa Jane Karg that brilliantly dissects the homogenization of counter-culture.
  Via Brainpickings.

"Stares & Screams"

This new KidSyc is super fresh. He deftly switches flows over top of a minimal piano line that picks up percussion to build effect. His new album Really Cool is coming soon. 


New classic business from established West Coasters SlimKid3, Dj NuMark, Del and Murs. Crisp drums and an infectious piano loop.

via EgoTrip


London MC Little Simz is back with a new record. Her freebie X.Y.Zed from early 2013 was a favorite of mine. She snaps on the mic over top of floating, spacey future beats. Don't sleep on this. 

Uncon Sci

Mind-melting retro-futuristic-ragga remix from a Denver-based producer.


Loving the vibe of this. Lots of smart snare work. Sort of a throwback to the Japanese future-jazz of the late-1990s (think Computer Soup, etc.). 

Koreatown Oddity

"Title Sequence" speaks for itself when it comes to being ill. Squeeling string loops don't need drums for him to go in. Album coming soon on Alpha Pup.