Idaho Ghost Towns

Took a trip to Idaho over Labor Day weekend. In the ghost town of Custer, a ways north of Stanley, one of the remaining houses had walls lined with layers of newspaper — part insulation, part decoration. Someone lived in the house for a long time without upgrading, because the newspaper layers were every 20 years or so. You could see a layer from the early 1950s over a layer from the late 1930s and a layer beneath that that wasn't visibly dated. However, the town itself started to close down much earlier. Mining (the reason a town of a couple hundred popped up in a remote valley in the first place) stopped much earlier.
The DJ set by Boca 45 for the opening of Banksy's Dismaland. Dope. 

A Futuristic Spaghetti Western Soundtrack Interpretation

Just finished this mix. I've been working on gathering the songs for a while. Hard to find tunes that fit the vibe. Hope you enjoy it. 

If you do, grab the download here. 

"Bushido Blades and Blunt Guts"

The debut album from this Savannah, GA-based rap duo is a gritty, anxious, boom bap jewel. Dope Sandwich in the house. Dope KNife on the beats. 

Qknox x Beyonce

Denver's Qknox (1/3 of the GirlGrabbers) laces up a handful of Beyonce remixes that run from smooth jazz keys to this post-post take on "End of Time." A super slow build of vocals and strings gives way to some sweet bleeps, sweeps and beats.

Open Mike Eagle x Gold Panda

This song is dope. Futuristic smart rap. All sorts of cameos in the video, too. Including Hannibal Buress, Jean Grae, Quelle Chris and more. 

"Masters of Deception"

Working on a feature about Skyrider and his new album, Ghost Dance. We spent the afternoon chatting in his backyard and he mentioned this song, which I'd never heard before. This was the single off of his first album, from way back in the mid-00s, with vocals from Jim Wurster. It's lyrics ring as true today, even though it's a cover of a Reagan-era tune. Shit doesn't change. Wurster would later put out an album backed by the Skyrider Band called Hired Hand, which is recommended if you've ever enjoyed one of Nick Cave's murder ballads. 

High Risk

Something really smooth for your ears. Shigeto joins forces with trumpeter Dave Douglas and a couple other players for a new project called High Risk. The full length drops 6/23.

Biggie remix

I'm usually not too hot on remixes of classic hip hop tunes of the mid-90s because oftentimes they end up being weaker renditions of the original. When they work is when they don't just leverage a couple of great verses, but change the entire vibe of the song. Recontextualization. That's the name of the game with this super laidback remix of Notorious B.I.G.'s anthem. 

On the right side of time

Kids playing at the Musee D'Orsay in Paris. Sacre Coeur and Montmartre in the background. The museum used to be a train station. On the fifth floor, there's an incredible view of the city. Shot this in May while on vacation. Hard chilling. 


Synaesthetik's recent release on SLC's Damn Son! records is dreamy. I slept on this one for a bit by accident, but glad it reemerged because it's a great listen. The opening track "Reach" shows off not just his rich rhythmic sensibility, but also the floating layers of synths ebbing and flowing throughout.

Man Mantis "This is the Girl"

This stays stuck in my head. It's a Mulholland Drive-inspired flip over top of the most mellow-vibes anti-banger you've ever heard. Man Mantis didn't just do the beat. He also did all the animation by hand with a box of markers and a lot of time.