"This Song is Dead"

A new one from Uncon Sci that lands squarely in the deep dub idiom. 

Good Suggestion

Unintentional conceptual art piece: As seen in Denver's City Park.

Cultural Crossover

When cultural appropriation goes wrong.

Crystal Ghost

Shout out to the homie Elliott for finally getting this EP released. Some really fresh sounds that touch on chillwave, afro-funk, future beats, pop and more. "On My Own" is my jam. 


The musician/beatmaker SkyRider discovered that there's a military drone that now shares his name. Taking offense at the unwanted association, SkyRider released a very engaging ambient record whose proceeds will benefit children affected by war. 

Sweater Beats Remix

The up-and-comer puts a massive beat behind Flume & Chet Faker's "Drop the Game." Rough side of the smoothness. 


Some tasty experimental house from deep in the Denver underground. Mt. Roue is kind of blowing my mind right now. 

Crystal Ghost

His new tune, which will be released on a new EP via Stereocure immanently, is a gem. He fuses African funk with New Wave, Pop and vintage Electronic sounds like it's nothing. The result is warm, disembodied retro chillwave disco. I wish I had this while the weather was still warm.