Slim Aarons Mix, Volume 3

The third installment is complete. This ongoing series of musical homages to the photography of Slim Aarons is always one of my favorites. A mix of lounge, exotica, Latin, African and jazz, among other sounds, from the mid-50s up through the mid-70s, just like much of Aarons' best work. Grab a cocktail and a seat by a pool for this one.

1. Elisabeth Waldo Group – Malaguena
2. Joseph Mattera & His Orchestra – Say Si Si
3. Los Indios Trabajaras – Maria
4. Puanani Alama – Keep Your Eyes on the Hands
5. Andiamo – Jerry Vale
6. Eloise and her Goombay Trio – Similau
7. Sarah Vaughn – East of the Sun
8. Martin Denny – Paradise Found
9. Les Baxter – The Left Arm of Buddha
10. Ken Griffin – Marea Baja
11. 101 Strings Orchestra – Tropicana
12. Boogaloo Joe Jones – The Mindbenders
13. Yvonne Baker – Eyes
14. Los Hacheros – Desastre
15. Los Indios Trabajaras – Maran Cariva
16. Miriam Makeba – Hamba Naye
17. Ely Camargo – Taieiras
18. Segun Bucknor – Smoke
19. Enoch Light – Hushabye Mountain

Download a copy of the mix  (media fire)

Go back for Volume 1 and Volume 2 as well. 


  1. These are great Patrick! Loving #s 2 & 3. Can't seem to listen or download #1 though. Is that available somewhere? Hope you and Carrie are well. Thanks! Kristin

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