DJ Classy Individual "Deep Thoughts"

A nice survey of the stylistic diversity that used to be known as beats, but what might now be called some sort of post-Dilla, wonky, choppy, futuristic blend of hip hop and electronic music. It starts bass heavy, and then wanders into some spacey material before finishing strong. Definitely stay tuned in for the last couple tracks.
Free the Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle
Mophono - Cut Form Crush | Be Human Part One
Mux Mool - Drum Babylon
Onra - Raw Shit
B. Lewis - Les Saisons
Ben Jamin - Gutter Fonk (ft. Matt Miller)
DiBia$e - Lo Fi Crust
Gonjasufi - Nickels and Dimes
OhBliv - yoohoo
Groundislava - Cave Meats (ft. Jake Weary)
Shlohmo - 7AM
Alex B - Getting to know you
SirFroderick - nobodycares
Ethereal - Recovery (ft. Micah Freeman)
Flako - Knots
Xperiment - Stayin' Steady
S-Type - Sweet Vixen
Fid Melia - Tubo

Download it here (DivShare) or here (MediaFire)

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