Random Goodness #4

 Here's a little roundup of some lesserknown things you might like:
  • The new single by Jean Grae "Me & U & EveryoneWeKnow" popped up on RapRadar today, and it's worth a listen. Production by M-Phazes is expansive and thoroughly jazzed. It takes a minute for her to actually come in because the instrumental just builds. Real music. No word on whether the title is a reference to the Miranda July film of the same name.
  • Ever thought the awesomest thing the universe could offer was to see Booker T. & the MGs in a little club in Paris in 1968? You might be right. Aquarium Drunkard found this video as proof. The band just tears it up.
  • Drink a lot of coffee? Good has an article explaining why your morning kickstart is about to get more expensive.
  • The Iowa Caucuses are tonight. While the mainstream media drools over the political bloodshed, few have actually gone about explaining what the caucuses are (and why their different from other states' primaries). The War On Stupid links to a flowchart that helps explain.

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